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Embark on a Journey of Connection ~ ALCHEMY: Embodied Enquiry

Discover transformative somatic practices. Equip yourself with a nervous system care toolkit. Explore how to deepen your relationships. A personal journey to a more alive and authentic you.

You are invited to a morning of gentle yoga and movement, cultivating mindfulness and self-awareness. This is a luxurious moment in the week to slow down.

A trauma-informed community practice space. It's a chance to tune in, find your flow, explore what works for you to enjoy who you are and reconnect with your aliveness.

Designed to open your heart, ALCHEMY: Embodied Enquiry workshops include:

  • Somatic tracking - noticing what is happening in your body.

  • Emotional alchemy - refining awareness around what is happening in your body, emotions and mind.

  • Yoga and movement - finding easeful and joyful ways to move, experimenting with primal, non-verbal improvisation, and scaravelli-inspired restorative yoga.

  • Nervous system care - learning to recognise your own nervous system states and techniques to support yourself.

  • Journal prompts - space for reflection on insights.

  • Circle - space to share.

  • Yoga Nidra - time for relaxation and integration.

Each workshop is centred around a theme and is designed to be standalone. You do not need to have attended previous workshops to attend others.

Meet yourself. Choose you - an invitation to move, feel, reflect, write, and reimagine in community.

Join me: Saturday, 10am - 1pm


Each workshop is £35 / £30 conc.

Only 10 spots available for each workshop. 

BOOK NOW to confirm your place.

To book 3 workshops together for £95 / 80 conc. contact via email


Studio 1, Unit 4, Yoga and Natural Health Centre, 20-26 Round Hill St, Brighton BN2 3RG

Workshops: Welcome
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Embodied Play

29 June, 2024

Saturday 10am - 1pm



Embodied Connection

07 September, 2024

Saturday 10am - 1pm


Saturday. Summer. Beautiful sunny day, so my friends and I decided to make a picnic and watch the su
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Embodied Resonance

30 November, 2024

Saturday 10am - 1pm



Embodied Ease

18 January, 2025

Saturday 10am -1pm


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Workshops: FAQ

ALCHEMY Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to share my experience or hear the experiences of others?

This is a skills-building, personal practice group. Some interaction with group members is likely and there is always an option to opt out. There may be the opportunity to share your reflection of your own experience of something about the practice in the moment, if you feel called to do so. The beautiful thing about this way of working is that we don't need a lot of the story to work deeply.

Will this be hard or painful?

For most people, no. This is gentle movement combined with deep listening. 
We will give ourselves the permission to feel and process only what we are ready for. If you feel you need to take a break, you can take a break at any time. You need only to commit to honouring yourself and your capacity by allowing and accepting what comes up for you. You decide what is best for you. You are teaching your body it can trust you.

Why should I work in a group instead of on my own or in a 1:1? Group scares me.

The group container is a highly effective space to learn skills. The group will save you time and money and will prepare you to work on your own much more effectively. There is something about the collective consciousness that amplifies the practice and allows for deep change to happen. We are a tribal species, and co-regulating with others is a key way we can help to regulate our nervous system.

Do I have to have attended previous workshops?

These workshops are open to all abilities. Each workshop is designed to be standalone. You do not have to have attended a previous workshop to attend others. Come as you are.

I absolutely loved it. I think I am quite in tune with my body and then something like this workshop comes along and completely floors me!

Mary G

Eva provided a safe and comfortable space with clear and supportive guidance. It really helped me to clarify certain thoughts and understand their essence. It was a perfect balance between doing, tuning into the body and crystallizing a few nuggets.

Anna T

I am very picky about who I do deep work with. Eva created a safe and held space that was non-judgemental. This made it easy to drop down and go deep, to make shapes, sound and movement without feeling embarrassed or nervous to explore difficult emotions that surfaced. I highly recommend her workshops.

Emma M

Workshops: Testimonials
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