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Eva Rahman is a trauma-informed, Scaravelli-inspired and a Heart + Bones yoga teacher and facilitator. The essence of her teaching is to guide students to cultivate their felt sense and capacity to deeply listen to their body, to enhance spaciousness, health, healing, and their capacity to adapt to stressors and self-regulate.

Rooted in the spirit of embodied enquiry,  playfulness and curiosity, Eva works with asana, or yoga postures, embodied enquiry, somatic and animal movement, pranayama, breathwork, meditation, subtle awareness, mindfulness, journaling, inner journeying, visualisation and functional movement to foster a rich, varied and sensory experience for her student.

She spent much of the last 20 years learning from, and is influenced by, Suzy Greenwood (nee Daw), Dot Bowen, John Stirk, Becky Barkans and Gary Carter, all of whom have several decades of Scaravelli-inspired teaching experience and have worked extensively with Diane Long, a long-term student of Vanda Scaravelli. 

Other study includes:

  • The Field Facilitation training - trauma-informed, somatic group facilitation (Jan -Dec 2024).

  • SmartBody and SmartMind - Irene Lyon - Nervous System Rewire (Feb - Jun 2024, online)

  • Nervous System Care - Catherine Hale (Feb-Apr 2024) online

  • Healing Trauma: Working with Somatic Wounds - Peter A. Levine from The Embody Lab (2023 online)

  • What the Psoas - Lauren Ohayon (2023 online)

  • Floor to Core - Lauren Ohayon & Dr Courtney Conley (2022, pelvic floor education online)

  • Restore Your Core - Lauren Ohayon (2021, pelvic floor education online)

  • Modern Yoga Teacher, Brea Johnson, Heart + Bones, (2020- 2021, 300 hr)

  • Ziva Meditation - Emily Fletcher (2019, online)

  • Yoga Teacher Development Programme - Dot Bowen, Integrity School of Yoga (2017-2019, 200 hr)

  • Yoga Therapy & Deepening your practice  - Suzy Greenwood (2016-2018 in-person)

  • MA Environment, Development and Policy, University of Sussex (2000)

  • Permaculture Design (1996)

  • BA Economics and Development Studies, University of Sussex (1996)

She is also influenced by the work of Philip Shepherd (Radical Wholeness and Embodiment) and Katy Bowman (biomechanist). She has had a range of other management, professional and personal development experience including receiving EMDR therapy and training in Capoeira Angola, a Brazilian martial art, and competing in Athletics for many years.

Yoga, meditation and movement is an integral part of Eva's life. Learning to balance competing needs of a family life, work and self-care is her ongoing practice. Alongside teaching yoga, she practices Nishkam Karma, a 5,000 year old Vedic meditation technique from the ancient Vedic civilisation of North India. Eva is a mother of two, and works in a fast-paced, senior corporate role in international aid and development. She grew up in South East Asia, spending her school years in India and Bangladesh, and is half British and half Bangladeshi. 

Her teaching and own yoga practice is both enriched and imbued with this experience, as well as her general interests in embodied enquiry, yoga therapy, and healing. 

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