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Information for new students

Welcome to my classes!

Would you like to come and try out an introductory class to see if it's for you?

After an introductory class, I invite you to invest in a 6 class pass or a term which is discounted. This is to give you time to get a feel for this approach to yoga. Several sessions allows time for you to begin to feel the difference regular practice brings.

You can learn more about a Scaravelli-inspired approach to yoga here

Classes are structured to encourage you to engage in your own experience, so there is no keeping up with me or anyone else in the class. I offer several variations of each movement, asana or yoga pose and encourage the use of props (blankets, cushions, blocks, the wall) to support the undoing of tension. 

These are small group in-person classes, with lots of space and it's very gentle.

You can start at any time, provided there is space - email me to find out. 

Information for new students: Text
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